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Wednesday, 17 February 2016


Publish and distribute an index (or directory) of home businesses in your community. If you can't think of an ideal business for yourself, then start a business that helps others to build theirs -- by publishing a directory of who sells or does what, what they charge, and where to find them! Something like a weekly BIGTOWN BARGAIN BULLETIN containing listings, little write-ups and possibly, some advertisements.

Statistics tell us that some 25 MILLION  people arenow operating businesses out of their homes -- and that figure is climbing daily. Most of these enterprises could handle much more business if they could get and would greatly appreciate any assistance in this department.

On the other hand, many consumers would just as soon do their business close to home if they could get the same quality and service and didn't have to waste their time looking for a reliable source. A HOME BUSINESS DIRECTORY serves both the businesses and the consumers!

Collect the name , addresses and phone numbers of home businesses in your area (place ads in local advertisers if necessary).

Contact them and explain your intention and find out more about their products or services. You can ask them particulars about their business over the phone, but it would be much better to mail them a questionnaire with plenty of room for comments. Be sure to include details of any types of warranties or satisfaction assurances they give (money-back, exchanges, etc).

Explain that you are making up a directory and that there is no cost to them for an initial listing unless they want to place an advertisement. They should be able to select the heading under which their business will appear, and POSSIBLY  given one line for a slogan or brief explanation.

Those who want to be listed under more than one heading (like Service and Word Processing) would be charged for the extra listing-- even for the first listing. Then you can sell larger ads, just like the phone companies.

Stress it that businesses must honor their commitments and offers made through your publication - or risk being omitted from future issues. You want them to offer specials in exchange for the free mention. The objective is to give your readers an incentive reason to read your publication to see what bargains are available this week.

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