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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Freelance Writing CAREER How to Write Anything and Get Paid For I

Have you ever heard the expression, "everyone has a book in them that's trying to get out?”  What does this really mean? Not everyone writes books, do they?
No, not many attempt the long, difficult process of writing a book-length manuscript. But a growing number of individuals are being paid for their writing; and, they've never attempted to write a book!
Why? Think about it! When you're driving to work in the morning, listening to the radio, what do you hear? People talking, right? It may surprise you that very little of that talk is spontaneous. The radio people work from written material, which means… ? Yes, someone has to WRITE the information down to be read over the airwaves.
Here's another example. Your mother's birthday is coming up. What do you do? You buy a card. Did you ever wonder who wrote the cards you look through when you're search­ing for the right message? Well, it's not a big company where people sit around all day writing cards. The writers of greeting cards could live next door to you since most of the material is submitted on a freelance basis.
How about your mail? Do you have days when you receive an endless amount of junk mail? Letter after letter of come-ons trying to get you to respond; these are not always thrown out. Some people read them and do inquire about the product or service mentioned. More importantly, those letters and flyers are WRITTEN… by someone!
You're getting the idea. Writing is a common part of everyday business life. From the brochures telling you about savings accounts down at your local bank to the billboard you drive by every morning on the way to work to the bumper stickers you read on the back of the cars in front of you. All of this is written by somebody. Why couldn't it be you?
Writing is an essential part of everyday life. There are scores of opportunities waiting out there for anyone interested in making some money through the written word. It's not just Stephen King and Danielle Steele. Many of today's successful freelance writers are completely unknown simply because their name doesn't appear on their work. Yet you see it every day from television commercials to newspaper advertising.
Don't have any experience? Nonsense! Everybody writes, from the notes you send with your holiday cards to lists you make before grocery shopping. You probably don't realize how much you write in a given week. In so doing, you are likely adjusting your writing depending on the subject or audience. When you send a note to school with your child, you're writing in a certain style that's likely different than a note you'd send to a relative.
This is exactly what writers do… they alter their writing content based on their subject or audience. So who says you can't write for a living?

There's no end to the kind of writing you can do. However, we do have a few suggestions for you to consider in getting started thinking about a career, part-time or full, in the writing field. As you review these pages, some idea may jump off the page as something you could do. Great! More importantly, don't think because you're never had a writing lesson that you can't do it. All it takes is practice, practice, practice and a determined desire to get it right. If you've got the drive, writing could well be your next career.

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